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Art Works

I’ve witnessed works of art tonight
Another original in the sky
Set my awe filled soul alight
As Heaven’s land met my eye

You excel even the beauty of earth
The home you formed and we dance through
And oh-that to You, what we are worth
As ever beyond our reason too

Generations here then gone
Learning just as those before us
We sing, we crawl, we sing life’s song
But You will never cease to awe us

As I gaze into this sky
Another masterpiece above me
I can’t express just knowing I
Such work as this my Lord does love me

No words for such a thought of truth
And gazing still I do not move
And peace sets in as though it ought
A truth I need not prove

The world shouts on all earth and sea
Whilst Heaven looks within my reach
A moment of my Maker and Me
A small silhouette at the edge of the beach

Sarah Mursell