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Not Ready Yet

As i browsed the A-Z of where my thoughts are stored,
I pondered on the crowds of those who need to know my Lord.

I visualized their present state of anguish, greed and war,
I even watched my own response as i hated what i saw.

I tried a way that fooled my heart,by dropping leaflets here and there,
Reality hit when i found them torn this doesn’t really show i care.

No, this is deadly serious,and more than spiritual health,
I cannot help a single soul  until i’ve searched myself.

I thought i had a clear idea but impatience made me slack,
I ran too fast and NOW it’s clear that i’ll have to travel back.

It takes some solid time to look and battle with your truth,
It can’t be dealt without some pain we must be living proof.

I know now why i shy away instead of speaking out,
My study time is not yet done it can’t be if i doubt.

So now i’m where i’m meant to be, testing out my fickle heart,
Still thrashing out my joy and fears, so one day i can make a start. 


Sarah Mursell